Our Companies

What's behind Syncro?

We’ve curated a selection of scalable tech companies that are driven by innovative minds and focus purely on building effective relationships between people and businesses.

People-based marketing

CUBE are industry-leading experts in people-based marketing. The agency specialises in cultivating powerful campaigns, across various mediums, to connect brands with people.

They combine this expertise with tech to offer a vast array of services – whether its ideas and strategic planning or full video production and events, the CUBE team turn fascinating concepts into meaningful, measurable, realities.

How it works

The agency has offices in Stockholm & Copenhagen where services can be tailored accordingly. The platform offers a full suite of data and can be used to manage and optimise people-based campaigns that are distributed across all relevant digital channels to reach people around the world.

The Next era of influencer marketing

Collabs are leading the way forward into the next era of influencer marketing.

This autumn, they relaunched their platform to give business owners more agency when it comes to finding and managing the influencers who will represent their brands around the world.

The new SAAS model ensures that any user can confidently navigate the world of influencer marketing in a much more cost, and time, effective way.

How it works

The platform is a home for creatives – through the AI discovery tool, people can connect with the influencers who best embody their brand and work together to create powerful and measurable campaigns. The platform also provides all of the data and payment solutions required for each campaign.

Great recruitment is more than just finding a great match on paper

Happyr has utilised years of industry knowledge to create an AI recruitment platform that matches companies with the people who are the best, well-rounded fit for the role.

So, how does one define a ‘well-rounded’ fit? It’s a person whose CV, personal passion and values are aligned with the needs of the recruiting company – ultimately ensuring that they’re happy in their role and strive to do their work to the best of their ability.

How it works

Anyone can recruit with Happyr – they offer a selection of packages that are curated to help you through any point in the recruitment process, Choose from a simple initial chat to get some guidance or a full-service package where the team will manage the whole process. The SAAS platform can be used jointly with other ATS systems.

Gig work isn’t new, but our tech is

More and more people around the world are turning to gig work, either to pursue a passion, to find a first job or for possible extra income. 

Gigger connects gig workers, and freelancers, with businesses that have short-term projects. The SAAS platform simplifies all of the admin work involved, so everyone can focus on what they do best.

How it works

Freelancers use the Gigger platform to find jobs, send invoices and schedule their work life.

Business owners can find passionate and experienced part-time employees, curate their favourite teams, manage the schedule and receive one invoice for everything. The platform can save businesses up to 75% in admin costs.