Syncro Group launches a new offer in influencer marketing


In connection with the relaunch of the subsidiary Collabs AB's new SaaS platform, another of Syncro Group AB's (publ) subsidiaries in the influencer marketing sector, the full-service agency WeAreCube AB ("CUBE"), is also being relaunched. Collab's new unique technology enables global scalability for CUBE's offering in a completely new way. This relaunching of both companies creates a unique joint offer to the market.


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“As far as we know, we are first in the world to offer all companies that have any type of influencer strategy a comprehensive solution, regardless of whether they want to outsource the entire assignment or build an influencer marketing team in-house. Today, CUBE is a global full-service agency that, via Collab’s unique technology, can help companies scale their strategies to all corners of the world. We work across all markets and all social channels and can now combine 9 years of experience in the field with market-leading tech. The future feels hugely exciting” says Olof Lindblom, CEO of CUBE, and continues; “Through the platform, we can now enter new markets with the majority of our services where we previously had no local knowledge of the influencer marketing landscape. We can scout, conduct dialogue, and procure influencers as well as optimize and track our campaigns via Collabs. This means that we can both grow our business with Nordic customers who want to expand into Europe and approach customers who procure these services on the global market.”


Through the new platform, CUBE can automate many of the manually time-consuming parts of both the sales and delivery process and build a unique database that creates competitive advantages in the market.


 “It is great to see the cooperation between our companies in the group grow to be so strong and that they constantly have the synergy concept in focus as they continue to develop their business and market offerings. With Collab’s new platform and CUBE’s full-service agency, the collaboration between these companies becomes even stronger and provides the conditions to attract customers who are at all different levels in their development in marketing through influencer marketing. We continue to follow our strategy with close corporate collaborations and profitable synergies in focus, which this concept shows and means that our division within influencer marketing takes a unique position on the market.” says Magnus Winterman, President and CEO of Syncro Group.



For further information, please contact:

Syncro Group AB (publ)

Magnus Winterman, CEO – Syncro Group AB (publ)

Telephone: 0702 95 99 55

Email: magnus.winterman@

Olof Lindblom, CEO – WeAreCube AB

Telephone: 0761 74 28 25


About Syncro Group

Syncro Group AB (publ) is a listed company with a strategy to own, manage and refine SaaS companies within the new market economy. The portfolio includes companies with SaaS platforms developed with the market’s most modern technologies, each of which is self-sufficient and which cross-fertilizes the other companies in the portfolio. The goal is to identify and acquire SaaS companies that have a superior business strategy, and a digital platform that can become a leader in their business area, at an early stage. Each company must contribute to opening up possible synergies between other companies in the group.

About CUBE

CUBE is a full-service influencer marketing agency with offices in Stockholm and Copenhagen. Upon launching in 2013, CUBE was one of the first influencer marketing companies in the Nordics. Works with clients such as Mini, The Body Shop, Lego, Storytel, Disney and Åhlens.



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