Syncro Group announces strategic partnership with Ninetone Group AB


Syncro Group, which offers the AI platform Collabs for effective and transparent influencer marketing, today announces that the company has signed a strategic partnership with Ninetone Group AB, a premier influencer marketing agency. This partnership will utilize Collabs' innovative platform to enhance Ninetone’s operational efficiency and open new revenue streams by expanding brand collaborations for their talents.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ninetone, as they embody the type of serious market actor Collabs was designed to support," said Ebbe Damm, CEO of Syncro Group.


“With Collabs, we can not only streamline our existing operations but also expand into new areas by effectively matching our creators with ideal brand opportunities," said Patrik Frisk, CEO of Ninetone Group.


The collaboration will begin in May 2024, with both companies actively working to integrate and optimize their joint operations.


Key Partnership Objectives:

  1. CRM Integration: Ninetone will leverage Collabs as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to manage communications and collaborations more efficiently for the talents they represent.

  2. Commercial Engagements Expansion: Utilizing Collabs' infrastructure, Ninetone will streamline its engagements with brands, enhancing its ability to connect creators not only signed by the agency but also those outside its exclusive roster. This approach will allow Ninetone to explore new revenue opportunities by finding more relevant brand partnerships for their creators.


For further information, please contact:

Ebbe Damm, CEO, Syncro Group
Phone:  +46 70 546 46 00



About Syncro Group

Syncro enables collaboration between people and brands through innovative tech. Syncro has offices in Sweden and Denmark, with headquarter in Stockholm.



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