Positivt svarsbrev till IALA beträffande patentförsäljning


True Heading AB (publ) har idag med nedan brev svarat IALA i positiva termer kring den pågående försäljningen av patent kring R-Mode.

IALA Council
10 rue des Gaudines
78100 St Germain en Laye


Täby, Sweden 2020-05-26


Dear Sirs,
As additional information in response to your letter R-Mode/20-105 dated 28th of April 2020 and R-Mode/19-288 we would like to make the following statement:
Thank you for your last replay letter, R-Mode/20-105.
We appreciate the spirit of your intention and we appreciate your confirmation of the existence of our patent. We believe as mentioned that the technical aspects should be considered so that the best possible system can be the outcome of the intentions to improve safety and redundancy in positioning.
For your information True Heading AB (Publ) had with the current situation to take measures to the process of selling the patent. We have engaged a professional team and they are about to bring the patent to the market as we speak.    
It has always been the hope and ambition of True Heading to work with IALA and its members to find the best possible way forward for the use of our patent under fair conditions. But it seems like the timeline, as mentioned in your letter, is not in your favour.
If the intention of IALA is to further discuss acquiring or licensing the patent covering R-mode, the time is now for IALA to begin that cooperation. 
A process to secure that such interest is protected for both parties would be a firm Letter of Intent.
Yours sincerely,
Göran Carlsson
CEO True Heading AB (publ)


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