Meet: Rasmus Kolbe, Creative Director of WeAreCube

Rasmus Kolbe, the Creative Director of CUBE, on how Syncro fosters collaboration between people and brands through many years of industry mastery and innovative tech. Rasmus has spent years cultivating a large, fun, global community on his social platforms. His experience is invaluable to clients looking for influencer marketing expertise. Learn more about CUBE on […]

Meet: Pernille C Lotus, CEO of CUBE DK

Pernille had a rough time growing up and it made her a natural survivor – a trait she has used constructively to build several businesses since she was 23.  Today, she’s one of the most influential people in the influencer marketing industry in Denmark.  The CUBE DK team were recently awarded a Børsen Gazelle for […]

Meet: Joey Massa, COO of Collabs

This year, Joey has been instrumental in the re-design and launch of the influencer marketing SaaS platform Collabs 2.0 which is revolutionising the industry by making influencer marketing easier and faster for anyone to use. The platform is set to ultimately foster great, successful, relationships between businesses and influencers. Learn more about Collabs on

In Short: Collabs with Fredrik Grufvisare

collabs in short

“Collabs 2.0 is a 360 degree software solution that lets anyone, independent of previous experience of influencer marketing create, invite and execute a full scale campaign within a matter of minutes.”